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 so, we are studying native tribes and we just finished up on the study of the Inuit ppl.  so i thought it would be fun to have nate make an igloo out of sugar cubes and icing. i knew this would be hard for him and i was right. it did turn into a lesson on NOT giving up just bec it's hard....
 after an hr, i left the room to get johana up from her nap and came back to this.  ellie working on nate's project...she worked 30 minutes on it!
 and it no longer looked like an igloo....
 but she had fun!
 i had nate then work on his coding.  chris set up an awesome kids' coding web site for him to use. so each day nate worked 30 mins on coding. he has really come along and loves to show us what he did each day....and i banned him from using fart, poop, kill and hate/shooting from his illustrations.  please tell me this is a boy thing!
 our neighbour's husband was away, so chris went and snow blowed her out.  ellie went with him. there is nothing like watching a dad with his girl. my heart
 little miss johana. i turn my back for 2 min and i come to find her like this!
 and she is very happy about it!
 i put her in the tub!!!
i love this little bundle so much. my little joey.