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 leave jo alone for 2 minutes and i come back to this!!!
 just kidding, this is what 45 mins of reading books to 2 under 3 looks like!  but we had so much fun
 my little book worms

during nate's spelling lesson i asked ellie to go play. we came back to this. she was all curled up reading
 she sees you
 then nate hit the books
funny how i allow a break in school to just read
funny how much more loose ive become in school and going with the flow
funny how much happier i am!


Ursi said...

Still working on letting things become a little more loose around here. Katie too wants breaks from school so she can read😀

mel said...

you will find your balance! i am so proud of you ursi. you are an amazing mom and the perfect personality to home school. i wish i could be like you!