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snow again

 so, nate FINALLY likes playing outside in the snow!  i let him skip his morning school, while i was at the dr's (i went back again cause i started to get sick again on mon!)  ellie has always liked being outside, so its fun to watch the 2 of them playing
 nate was digging a tunnel
 love that nate takes such great care of her
 we are doing a study on insects. i dug out a book last night on bugs and left it on nates desk. i came in to find them like this....awwwww
 i was trying to keep ellie busy during school. i gave her a bag of stickers. she sat there and picked at them long enough for me to teach spelling. haha
 nate. oh nate. love you! haha he is ALWAYS writing and talking about farts/poop and barf.  i made him write out lines about NOT using the word poop in a sentence. haha