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 it was so nice out yesterday, i took the kids out for over an HOUR. this is huge for me, cause i dont like the cold, but i ended up having fun!
 we carried some snow then i brought the soccer ball out
 i had each kid at a garage door, and i would try to score on each of them. they had a good time and it ws nice to just get outside
 jo watched from her chair. ha
 then we did some snow playing. jo had so much fun and it was adorable to watch her little tale move around with her
 sister secrets sharing
 we did some sledding
 jo too
 jo and nate
 and some swinging
 chris wants me to cut bangs for jo, im not so sure.....
 adorable little joey jo
 ellie sliding on her ice rink. ha


Jonathan said...

love that pink snowsuit! so adorable

mel said...

thank dad! he has awesome taste in clothing, jo's so tiny she is wearing 2 winters in a row!