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sunday stuff

 nate and i spent some time this week working on ellie's christmas gift. he bought her a jewelry box, with his own money and painted, then decorated it.  he got some necklaces/rings/bracelets to put in it. she's gonna love it!

so sunday, i didnt make it to church....why?  bec the kids were so quiet and i woke chris up at 9:30!!!  oops....we slept in till 9:freaking 30!  it was AWESOME. haha

johana then joined me in bed for some cuddles
 isnt she a doll!
 good morning mommy! time to feed me! haha
 so, nate now chats on line/messenger/skype with his friends.  hello!  what the heck!!! how can this be true?!?!  hes getting so old!
 ellie and i spent some time together making a picture. after we finished i asked her where she wanted it to go.....and she put it on the tree. lol.. front center. hahaha
 then i took her to giant tiger where she carried her load!  we got 2 BASKETS of produce and milk for 60.00!  i couldnt believe it!  how cheap is that?? mind you its mostly gone now.
 then ellie found daddy's fav sausage and thew it in the basket, it looked a bit out of place. haha
 johana with a fork
 johana taking the plate and putting it to her mouth. forks are too slow.....ha