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 i took the older 2 kids to hali fri for the weekend.  my sis was in a play and had a solo; yes she can sing and act!  i was not going to miss it!  she was gone for most of the weekend, so i hung out with the kids, mom and dad and my "weekend hubby" shawn. haha.  the kids were really good.  i cant remember a fight or what not.  the girls play together so well, its cute to watch ellie follow charlie around and charlie is so good to her.  good times...fri night, dad had a special treat for the kids
 cup cakes!
 sat i went with cry to charlies hockey practice.  i cant get over how much she has improved!! our little hockey player. sat morning, she joined me in bed with ellie for cuddles and i asked her if she liked hockey and she said " oh yes! i love hockey!"
 go charlie!