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 johana is such a monkey!  she sees my camera and sticks her tongue out!  such a ham....
the other night, chris and nate were out and i left the girls alone for less than 5 mins...and came back to this....i must add, i just cleaned my Tupperware drawer out.....sigh.....
 instead of getting upset about another mess to clean up, 10 mins before bedtime! i took pictures. then laughed
 johana emptied the whole drawer!
 thurs morning sister snuggles, just before nap....
 nate joined in
 i started my wrapping thurs night, johana was my first helper. then ellie joined me...and actually really helped! she put all the bows on and put them in the box for me
 i told chris this morning "you know all our gifts fir inside a tote. thats all 3 kids and my parents"  im impressed


Ursi said...

Oh I remember that time when Karie and Maya were at the age your girls are now. Unfortunately I was always busy and stressed with mission stuff that I did not have your reaction to the messes they could make in only a couple of unsupervised minutes. I applaud you for keeping your cool and sense of humour!!
We are home for the rest of the holidays and I'm enjoying just doing nothing with the girls, relax, enjoy, laz around, no big plans or schedules to keep.
I wish you a wonderful Christms!!

mel said...

gosh ursi, you were so busy at the mission, i dont know how you managed. i think that for me, having nate then the girls so close together it put things in perspective and bec ive done this before, i know that this season will end...and a new one will start...for me its a bonus....and on the hard days, i drink wine and call a friend for coffee and cry...haha too bad you didnt live close cause id just go visit you!!! have a very merry and wonderful christmas!!! we love you guys