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part 2

 nate was such a trooper christmas morning!  he got up and waited until 8:30 for his sisters to wake up...ok i admit, i woke jo up...but nate had such a great attitude about waiting LONGER...ha
 jo was not impressed to be woken for this! haha

we had a great little helper who assisted everyone in opening gifts. thanks ellie!  we needed your help!
 nate was wild about getting his new mind craft video game. he begged me for the last 3 months for took me that long to get it!  it was in such demand
 silly ellie and her trike, pooh hitched a ride
 with all the gifts around, ellie was into the bubble wrap
 nate opening his gift from nana and papa plumps....the calendar is hung on the main wall, he put it there himself and loves it!
 jo with her cat which she kisses and barks at
 ellie my ellie joy
 little jo wearing her finery from ursi (beyond adorable) and playing with ellie's tea set. which she has not stopped playing with. i know the gift is for ellie but jo has claimed it for herself
 stirring and stirring
 more stirring
its so cute to watch her walk around the house stirring and saying "mmmmmmm"