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 boxing day evening. i slept in the playroom with the boys. they decided to dress up with ellies new play dresses and ripped them!  but they had a blast. boys are such boys! 

we did devotions together. i choose the verse prov 12:1
quinn got a hoot out of that verse and the word stupid is in the bible. haha
 i tested the ninja hat out
 the storm had cry, shawn and charlie going home early. but quinn stayed over night. so fun!!!  i had a blast with the kids. 
 we did some painting and they did so great!
 totally into it
some of their work
 it was still snowing, so after i out the girls to bed i took the boys for a walk
 dbl trouble!
then we came home, watched a movie (ant boy! such a boy movie!) had pop corn and went to bed

mom and dad left yesterday and took the boys home with them.  i spent the day, and i mean the DAY cleaning, taking down the tree,laundry and bathing the girls/cleaning and more cleaning!  i still have a lot more to do but i see the light at the end....

and with that. christmas is OVER!


Boys said...

Me and Nate loved the dress. Nate and I think we made the front page of the newspaper.We can't wait until we go to the hotel for our New Year's party.

Nana and Papa sing praises to the lord. Amen

Nate and Quinn