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johana snuggles

 johana is 15 months now and walking!  and climbing onto everything, and into everything!  i've decided to keep her on a bottle for nap and bedtime until she's 5....hahahaha......i dont want to stop bottle snuggle time! 

chris and jo reading together. she LOVES to lay down and just look at books, esp flap and toddler/board type books with different textures on them
 i joined the book party too
 it was a very sad day today.  this bowl is the last of the nuts. all 5 BAGS of nuts.  i ate them ALL.  i had the last few nuts this morning....chris cant believe that i ate all 5 bags of nuts!  what can i say, i love peanuts/walnuts/almonds....mmmmmmm......until next year!
 and these were on my phone this morning....someone hacked my password and took them....
 and it wasnt this little girl
 ellie. with a pillow on her head.  she is fun to take out, always talking and singing....spark of life she is