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 papa! you're here!  ellie was so excited to see her papa and nana
mom broke her knee cap and is in a full leg cast, that didnt stop her from the long drive, which im sure wasnt very comfortable, and parked her set on the couch, leg up to watch johana for me.. haha
 copper's smash cake.  he didnt know what to do with it, and it was a bit dense to smash
 bue we had a good time watching him. ha
 johana and daddy


Jonathan said...

We did another smash cake the next day of jello and whip cream, worked out a lot better.

mel said...

ummm what happened to the no sugar/artificial anything clause? im confused?

did you take pics????

Jonathan said...

um pics, i got a couple....whip cream has no sugar and the jello is not that bad. We have a heart :P