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ursi! pt 4!

 on friday ursi, jeff, katie and maya (and uncle marc who arrived thurs night) joined us at the farm.  we truly had an enjoyable time.  saturday was the highlight of my trip!  we took the kids to the river for a swim, nana plumps drove the girls
 the men worked on the wild coffee....which is this adorable mini house in the woods that we go to have coffee and camp fires. i believe they plan on putting a fire place/stove and furniture so it can be used in the winter
 ursi helped too. hahaha
 we watched the kids play and they really had such a great time!  no fights!  huge sigh of relief, right ursi. hahaha
 chris took the kids across! thanks dude!
 katie CAUGHT a BIRD with her BARE hands!!!!! for real!!!!  she let it go thou, but so neat to watch it happen
 my hubs, with my girls. so blessed
 my heart
 head on shoulders, the best spot!
 then the kids hit up the hot tub, which was cooled to a proper 96 degrees. the perfect temp to play for hours
 ursi braved the kids while i sat outside and chatted with her
beautiful aunty ursi and joey bird
 i went to pack up the beach stuff and found joey like this. haha she put on ellies underware and stood at the window watching the kids. so cute!
 potty training soon????