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beach, part 3

 we hit up the beach 3 times this trip. the weather was so nice the whole time, not too hot and a perfect wind. which makes the perfect beach day.  joey came. with her boots. hahaha
 testing the waters with daddy for the first time
 joey liked the water!
 she then came home and used the travel bag as a pillow. haha
 silly joey!
we also swam in the river at the farm. which is in the back yard. the kids had a blast playing in the water, i enjoyed watching them
 the river
 water play
 nate loved the river
 a little father son moment
 joey joined in
 water boy
 muetti joined us too
 coasting in the rapids
 i enjoyed my log
 joey with daddy
 the river crossing
 chris and his girls
 my heart