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our tree! pt 2!

 the ontario weather caused joey to get the same curls are ellie!  awe, i love me some curls
 nate beside the johana bridge.  ellie saw the bridge and then created her own ellie and nate bridge down by the wild coffee. now all we need is a sign to go along with it
 more farm scenery
 my boy!
 taking a walk with his mama
 the men relaxing after working on the wild coffee house
 chris and i took the kids to our tree. the one we got engaged under. we had all the kids walk in the sweltering heat for 15 mins to get there
 joey on the run
 ellie peeking at the river
 nate leading the troops
 joey having a peek
 hitching a ride with dad
 the tree from the bridge
 having a science lesson on wheat. haha
 daddy leading the way after a lesson on how to walk in farmers fields
 there's the tree!
 ellie made a fort
 joey walked around
 beautiful ellie
 who would have thought i'd bring 2 more girls to visit the tree. the last time we were there nate was 4 and an only child. SOOOOO grateful to have had the girls!


 my kids!
 i was there too. haha
 ellie then played in the dirt. cause thats what you do when you see dirt!
 nate made a fort
 joey ate dirt
its always nice to visit the place that started it all.  who would have thought 13 yrs later....we have come so far....i cant wait to revisit in the yrs to come