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sat night, part 6!

 after i bathed and put the girls to bed, we headed down to the bon fire.  so fun, we roasted bacon, hot dogs, sausage, bread and drank wine. typical swiss food. ha
 joey stinker pants refused to go to bed, so i brought her with me to the party. she stayed with us until 9:30!  she was very pleased with this plan
 katie enjoying her marshmallow
 joey bird
 nate and katie. i was so impressed with how well along these kids got!
 sunday breakfast!  i was late, but i was there!
 the group shot.  chris and marc left around 9:30 and went to kitchner for the day to spend time together. i stayed back with the kids and around 2 the wilsons left to head back to their house. 
 joey bird
 more back yard fun
 joey and her joey boots that she insisted on wearing
 my heart!
 i ant believe my baby is 2