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halif part 1

 joey spotted my ipad. all set up and went for it....silly joey! is see you!!!!

 i took the kids up to hali on sun for 5 days for the rock church annual vbs.  the kids had so much fun together, and after the second night the kids slept a fill 6 hours, making me very happy. hahaha 

joey found aunties stash of SHOES!  and kept busy trying them ALL on!
 so cute joey joe!
 ellie, loves and adores her uncle shawn!  imagine her love growth when he took her on 3 rides! and the boys only got 1! ha  nate and quinn told me. haha.  love them!
 waving BYE!
 see ya!
 big smiles
 and off they go
 my heart. these girls got along SO well, the WHOLE time!
 tues, dad and i took the kids on a walk and a swim. it was a really nice park.
 all the kids
 my heart!
 checking out the view
 spotting the water
 going into the water. ellie is a bit more "reserved" she is more melancholy. nate and joey dove in the water
 see! no fear
 splish splash
 the boys went in
 jo dove in
 and had SO much fun!
 testing the waters
 holding each other for support

 see. i was there

 dad helped me with joey.. who has  no fear!
 sitting and splashing