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trip part !

 we left for ontario bright and early sunday morning.  we planned on staying in ottawa, but bec we made such great time, we decided to drive on to cornwall and stop at a ho jo....that was ummmmm needing some help.....the room was quite bad, but we stayed the night and sucked it up. i tried to pretend i was camping to make myself feel better....haha
 joey napped some of the drive!
 ellie watched movies
 nate too!

monday around 2 we made it to the farm in ontario!  this is muetti and vati's back yard!
 we hit up some of the trails that are in the back yard!!!!  and of course joey wore her "joey boots!"
 more back yard pics!
 going for another walk
 hearing the birds singing
 on one of my trips to town i found this guy parked beside me. ha. we were in amish country
 muetti got a mini pool for the girls to splash around in
 ellie swinging on the ginormous swing!
 joey! wet and wearing her boots! ha
 no worries, its just nate. ha
 joey pushing her birthday gift. i love this stroller, SO cute! 


Ursi said...

What a great trip, eh? I was super happy with how well everyone got along! It was so nice to be able to have you at our house as well! We should definitely do something like that again. I kind of like the Quebec City idea.
Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories on this blog with us.