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jeff and ursi part 10

 we arrived at jeff and ursis in time for supper. jeff worked the bbq, we ate well that night!
 joey wanted more
 then joey found a bucket filled with water, and decided to take a bath. again
 uncle jeff took the older girls for a ride
 here they come
 with out helmets. hahaha
 so fun!
 the first night was rough, after playing musical beds until 3 am, joey finally crashed and was super cozy the next day
 joey cuddles
 then it was time for chicken chores and garden checking
 joey found more dirt to get into
 the chicken coop!
 joey on the trampoline. with no safety guards. hahaha and by now, i hid her boots. it was too hot to wear boots!
 ursi and joey

ellie checking out the chickens

 nate, katie and maya
 ellie in the pool