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the hiding place

back in january i was reading some historical fiction and they mentioned the book "the hiding place" by corrie ten boom. not knowing what is was i googled it.  i read a quick bio on corrie ten boom and was intrigued about her story. so i ordered the hding place which arrived with my last book order. i got the book on tuesday and finished it thursday

this book, by far, outside the bible is the one book that changed me.  i could not stop reading it.  i was blown away by this dutch lady and her sister.  i can not begin to use words to share how impacting this book is

ive decided and told my book club peeps, that this book is a requirement to read before each of my kids graduate from the eigenheer academy! 

seriously, read this book.. it will make you see your life completely different! 


Ursi said...

It's an excellent book. And Corries stories is truly inspiring, and heartbreaking too. There's a movie out as well.
So looking forward to seeing you and able to chat face to face!

mel said...

ursi! have you read her other books?? do you have any? i want to read the rest of what she's written, but it quite $ to do that :( i saw on you tube that there are 3 diff movies about her, which one should i watch? i am totally looking forward to our Ontario trip ( NOT the drive! haha) and cant wait to talk to you, im thinking we can make time to get away, with no kids!!! to talk sans interrupted. haha

Ursi said...

I think there might be a couple in mom's library, but I'm not sure if they are in English or german­čśť. I am so looking forward to spending time with you, and if we can slip out for an evening, just the two of us, that would be nice. There's a Coffee Culture in Wingham that is really nice for just hanging out and visiting. I've see The Hiding Place many years ago, and I honestly don't remember much, but I do remember being struck by their courage, and suffering.