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 joey loves this little play house, chris set her up with all her little toys and she spent most of the DAY playing with it!  joey is by far the best "player" shes forever off on her own to play...and play...cute to boot!
 mon we skipped joeys nap because of get air, tuesday morning at 10 after me waking her up at 8:30 joey opened the basement door, took her blanket and walked herself to her nap bed. she sat at the top of the stairs and said "mom? coming?"  i put her to bed, she napped for 3 hrs
 we had some extra time on tues so we did some science.  joey joined us and we all had a good time mixing colors and creating colored gel

 working together
 joey got hands on too
 tippy toes!
 they really had a good time, i did too
 joey watches nate and ellie and copies them
 joey made her own colored gel too
 ellie with her gel
 joey. this is typical joey. happy, happy, happy!
 nate.  my serious one.  he's a great big brother
 i was working on the computer last night and i turned around and saw this.  how did my BABY???? turn into this amazing almost 10 YR old?!?!  sob!
i cant believe its thursday.  we have had a busy week.  monday was get air, i was able to connect with some new people and step out into making new friends.

 tues was school filled. some how school took until 4. nothing was wrong, no fights, we just took a long time. ha.  i took nate to kid connect at the church tues night and joined my friend for a walk...she bought me toe warmers! lol and they actually work!

 wed was crazy!  i had my 9 month dentist check up, and guess what????!!!!  the first time in 8 YEARS!!!!  i dont need ANY work!  i actually got a GREAT check up! the dentist was amazed by how great my teeth look!  the hygienist showed me the wipe cloth, there was NO blood!  she said my gums were perfect ZERO gingivitis!  the only thing that they said would be beneficial would be braces to straighten out my crowded front teeth to prevent any issues...but the least it would cost is 6 GRAND so thats not happening.  i left the office crying, happy tears!  i made so many changes the last yr, cut out all sugars/candy/my most loved raisins/apricots/dates anything sticky!  brush religiously after every meal (ask my sis...she saw me leave the restaurant after dinner on the cruise to go to my room to brush and floss and meet up the group later ha!)  i am so happy!!!  i think my body regulated after the last pregnancy and im back to normal! 

wed afternoon was a play group/social time for me.  ive been able to connect with a home school mom who thinks a lot like me, i never thought we would be friends. and yet, we are. 

today was my "i am NOT leaving the house!" day!  i had to catch up on laundry, cooking/meal prep/school.  etc....

i spent some time with ellie today doing her school. she really likes learning.  guess what?  ellie read her first sentence.  i wrote it on her little chalk board and she read "mom loves you" and "i see you"  i was impressed

on a personal note.  the last few days i felt a tug n my heart to do 2 things.  1- to do another 28 day fast and 2- to stop watching a show i watch.  after a sleepless night, i came to terms that i am going to listen to the small voice in my heart and fast 28 days from....WINE!  sob sob.  not coffee but a second close!  and i will stop watching a show that i enjoy. im not sure why, but im going to listen

and if you are still following this long rambling blog post i would LOVE to have your prayers for my dad.  he's having some issues with his bladder.  i think god is trying to get me to trust him more in this area and not worry as much. ha

and with that im looking forward to wrapping up another week tomorrow, with the promise of a weekend!