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working the kids

 i had nate and ellie help me finish the jars up.  they did a great job.  ellie stepped up to the plate and took control of the job. for real. she jumped up on the chair and bossed nate around. she did a great job leading, and nate did what she said. ha

ellie and her friend write letter to each other, even thou they live up the street. its so fun to watch them read the letters
 pointing to the pic of the snow man they made together. haha
 reading their names
 it was SO nice on friday, the kids played outside for a good hour, i left the screen door open for the fresh air, it was +16 by 1pm! sweet! lets melt this white stuff
 i was making lunch and looked up to this.  joey!
 i mean dr joey!
 after the snow play ellie asked for a cup of hot cocoa, i made her some
 then she put mine beside hers and said "look mom, i have coffee too!"
and with that, i think ill go make a cup of coffee for me!