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chris's pics

 i found a tiny folder that chris uses to dump his phone pics.  i thought these are some cute moments that chris had with the kids...above, the morning after the family camp out. a man's breaky. love weston's after eat streach and nate's focused attention on the food. ha

it was too cold to play outside, so daddy brought the snow in for joey to play with
 so fun!
 playing on the floor
 feeding her toys
joey is by far the easiest kid, she plays alone for hours..
 dentist! she was so scared.  when joey is uncomfortable she clenches her fists. poor thing.  she also 99% of the time has toys in her hands. when i put her to nap/bed i always check her fists, i usually always find something
 last night chris took nate to cape-lee to visit victor landry's Styrofoam plant.  nate had SO much fun.  he said it was by far the BEST school trip he's been on.  love his steal toes shoes. ha
 the huge blocks of Styrofoam
 so tall