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the camp!

 thats a LONG way down little joe!  be careful!
and she was!

friends of ours own this little piece of paradise just out side sussex about a 45 min drive from moncton.  they normally rent it out, but they gifted it to us for the weekend. we decided to stay one night instead of 2. and im glad we did. friday was a busy day, and im glad we took the night to pack, bath the kids and rest before leaving sat morning.  we did not tell the kids anything!  we packed all the stuff in the back of the van and told them we were going to tims for breaky. which we did, we just hit the highway instead of going home

nate knew right away something was different.  ellie took about 15 mins on the highway before she asked where we were going. joey just sang "yes jesus loves DOEY!"
 the cottage had a loft, we had the kids sleep up there. all 3 of them!  joey was contained in her pack and play for obvious safety reasons
 we spent the day at the cabin, chilling and playing and having a good time.  we didnt bring any toys and the kids kept busy playing with sticks and an old ball they found
 ellie made her bed with in an hr of being there
 the cabin in heated by a wood stove, it took a good hr to heat up but once it did it was HOT. like we had to open the door to let the -12 cold in!
 showing nate the art of fire stating, and more important fire safety
 joey was saying "the fire is hot in my eye" we were very diligent on not letting joey near the fire, she did great. no incidents
 chris and i warning our toes by the fire while the kids played in the loft
 ellie went and got a snack for joey and herself. she even pull the chair out and helped her up!
 watching the older 2 play outside
 there was no wifi or t.v. but chris had his black berry...sigh
 awe my heart
 joey is such a fun party, she loves life, loves laughing and loves having FUN
 me.  old.  grey and make up free. and very unflattering light. hahaha
 my view from the couch
 ellie entertained herself by playing with her mittens on a string. for real. a great toy!
 chris is smiling. this is a rare thing. he actually looks happy....hahaha
 ellie joy!
 we drove to sussex for supper, chris chose smittys. i was IMPRESSED, the food was really good! the place was so CLEAN and the bathrooms were spotless!  id totally go back. and we all ate for 38.00!
 joey was just happy to be there
 nate wanted another selfie
 nate took this before bed. i think he was so happy here!
 sun morning.  the kids did SO well over night, joey stayed up late. after singing her "jesus loves DOEY" for a good 30 mins chris went and brought her down where she entertained us with her singing and dancing at one point chris said "joey, why are you still up?" she replied "nothing" haha

i also caught her on the bed jumping and saying "im a party. go joey go!"

the kids all slept till 7 am, i woke up feeling awesome. slept through the whole night, chris was sweet enough to tend to the fire every 2 hrs to keep us nice and warm
 ellie stretching this morning
joey party pants