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 monday during nap time i spent some great one on one with ellie. she is such a pretty girl!  we played zoomino's and read about 12 books

then i hit up costco for a pass port pic.  see below

 i was shocked by how much ive changed in 5 yrs! the pic to the left i was very preggers with ellie!  it was super fun taking the girls to costco at 2 in the afternoon, the day before a snow storm, to get my passport pic taken. sigh. it was CRAZY. 
 after waiting 1.5 HOURS at service canada, i went to run errands one was to find a book for nate to read on his trip, it hit up sally ann and found this gem! i flipped through it, to make sure it was ok and...
 i found this. a card as a book mark
so i opened it and found
 this!  i bought the book for .99 and got the 20.00. ha.  i took it home, showed chris and he went and bought a box of DONUTS with it! hahaha for real!
 tues morning, my eyes popped open at 6:30, i was waiting for my sis to call me to say they were 20 mins out with nate to pick up his clothes.  joey, for what ever reason, decided to wake up at 7!!!! singing "paw patrol" and joined in on the party
 not quite awake joey
 nate was thrilled with his new books
thrilled with new reading material
 us at 7:30 this morning. not too bad for rolling out of bed
 and ellie hugged, and hugged nate
and went to tears when she realized he was leaving again.  ellie was so upset when she found out nate was just picking his clothes up for his 2nd march break...
 silly things.  last week i scored this cart at micheals for 20.00(tax in)  ive had my eye on it since last summer but refused to pay 60.00 for it.  so when i saw it on sale for 20!  i bought the last 3!  1 for me, which i haven't used yet bec the girls use it to play with it..., one for ellie and one for quinn

its exactly what i wanted for ellie's school!  and i can re use it for joey. so this is ellie's preschool corner...this fall she starts k and will have her own of my plans of many for this spring/summer is to get chris to build a desk, move the girls into their room, re-do nate's room and re-organize the school room. ha

but for now, this is ellie's school area. i LOVE her preschool curric. totally worth the 10.00 and the time to make it!
 i found this in the playroom this morning and asked joey what it was...joey said " baby go on potty"  hahaha

im aiming to potty train joey next week when nates back (he's a HUGE!!!!! help with the girls) and ive done a lot of potty talk this last week. joey picked up on it. haha
 i found joey in the play room. i said "joey! whatcha doing?" she said "im playing. im cooking blocks"
love this little one
 this is a chris funny. hahaha on monday i dropped the girls off with chris so i could get my pass port done.  i had chris HELP me put the groceries from costco from my car to his. i asked him to put them away....this morning i went to get something to eat. i wanted some cottage cheese that i bought from costco yesterday. i could not find it in the i called chris and asked "hey, where's the food from costco?" KNOWING that he FORGOT it in the back of his VAN!!! over night! and drove it to work today. hahaha. so i went and picked him up this afternoon, to drive back to his van and had HIM reload it BACK into my car so i could take home and put it away.....
 the walk of shame....hahaha
good thing i love the dude

and with that, i now start my REAL march break. haha. i welcome the snow that's suppose to come tonight (35-50 cm) knowing im tucked away and nate is safe and sound with his indoor water park, having the time of his life...

thank you shawn (and cry :) for inviting nate, it meant a lot to me/us!


Chris Eigenheer said...

Funny how you say: "One of my plans is to get Chris to..." Yep, that's how it works around here...