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hali 2!

 i took all the kids to church on sunday. chris stayed home in moncton, he needed a weekend alone. bawahhhhh

joey really enjoyed the service.  all the kids did.  joey perched herself on papa's lap and get this! she went into her class AND stayed. the WHOLE time!!! i was beyond thrilled and excited!!

the main reason for our trip to hali was to watch quinn sing for the kids ministry!  here he is!  my quinny!
 aunty is so very proud of you!
 look at him.  i love the kids ministry at rock, its amazing
 rocking it out quinn!
 joey stayed close to nana
 while ellie got a little scared and quickly left her p-k mat to find her brother
 and grabbed his hand. i watched the whole thing go down, wondering how nate would react to ellie coming into his space ESP with kids that nate knows close by....nate smiled at her and took her hand
 he then looked over to the guy on his left camden and said "this is my sister ellie"
 and 4 seconds later joey joined him on the other side, look at the way ellie is looking up at her big brother
 cool and collected. holding his little sister's hands.  not caring what anyone thinks
 answering joey's questions
 he really is such a great brother
 after church and a quick change of plans....why? because nate informed me that he was invited to play video games sunday night AND planned a play date with camden on monday so he HAD to stay in halifax.  after talking to shawn and cry, i decided to let nate stay.  the original plan was to take nate home on sunday, and have cry pick him up tues morning on the way to boston. 

it was a quite ride home
joey managed to stay awake until the highway
 and out.  she slept for 1.5 hrs, not too bad!
i arrived home sunday afternoon, the house is quiet with out nate!