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march break 2!

 wed nate had a super full day.  my friend picked him up around 10 then they (her and her kids) went to home depot for the march break work shop, little caesars for lunch, then to the sports dome for a home school sports afternoon, then home for a snack and change of clothes to go swimming.  nate plunked his "old man rocker" as i called it and waited for his ride
 the girls and i spent time playing "mommy"
they both are natural mommies, but i admit ellie has a bit more boy/rough in her and will toss the doll to go run in the fields, while joey is a little mommy.
 i found her like this in the rocker singing "jesus loves me" to her baby
 ellie was feeding her baby with a flash light. ha
 i came up the stairs to find this. i knew right away it was ellie and i knew what she was playing...puppy she gave her 2 puppies a house, with a food dish....clifford to the left, sylvia to the right
 these sightings make me laugh in the grunt of my days
sylvia in her house
clifford in his
 we took the kids swimming wed night, so. much. work!  so fun for the kids
 today we met up with some friends at the party place but before we left i told ellie we were going to hali tomorrow to visit nana and papa. she immediately went to pack her "pack pack"
 whatcha doing ellie joy?
just packing her essentials.  a day early
 all ready to go!
 this is SERIOUS work!
 love her...even though she has been challenging me all week!
 i caught her like this. i asked her what she was doing, she said "i miss the sun"
me too!

notice my plants!  so i SUCK at keeping plants alive, when chris and i first got married we had a house full of plants...i killed them ALL in a yr
but after i had ellie i bought a plant and its STILL alive!!!  so i slowly added more to my house. i now have 6 plants in the house that are ALIVE!!! i noticed a few weeks ago that these 3 were looking like they were knocking at deaths door, so i put them on a tray and on the days the sun comes out i put them in the sun with a bit of water...they came back to life! yeah!!!!

im so stoked, not only have i kept my kids alive! but i have 6 PLANTS alive too. hahaha
and with that, im outta here. im taking the kids to hali tomorrow morning to beat the snow thats a coming!  chris will be home alone...watching over my plants. haha until next week!  have a FAB march break!


Ursi said...

I can grow a big garden with prize-winning vegetables. But I don't have a single house plant. I kill them all, either by over-watering, or neglecting them too long. I like the idea of house plants and flowers inside (and cut flowers seem like a waste of money), so I might just try again come spring. I also don't have very good spots for them. Maybe, maybe....

Hope you have a great rest of March break. We are just starting ours now. Visiting friends Mon-Thur and then to the farm until we come home Monday.

Lots of love, Ursi

mel said...

im in awe of you're garden ursi! im forever telling everyone of you and your amazing domestic skills! from sewing, knitting the best socks! quilting, cooking, canning, gardening in for me to keep a plant alive for 5 yrs! is a miracle. haha

enjoy your march break, the farm and you visit with friends!