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life in pics...

 my two girls. mini mel and mini crystal!
ellie was so tired, she put herself to bed...i just realized these pics are from last a bit behind. ha
 it was pouring wed morning, so i had the kids round up all the toys that needed batteries and i had nate change them!  nate was busy fixing and the girls were busy playing
 perfect  morning or me to catch up on laundry!
 nate wanted a selfie. i look like a tired mom. hahaha love ellies face in the back ground
 took the kids to the library for an after school program....look at me, socializing with public school kids too! haha

joey found this little phone and called nana and papa
 ellie put on a puppet show
 joey talked to papa
 then nana
 she was one of those phone users...loud and didnt care who was listening to her conversation
 she was so happy to talk to her nana and papa! hahaha
 i scored this amazingly cute craft cart at micheals, ive been watching for it to go on sale..then on clearance, then it went for 70% off, i got the last 3! one for me, one for ellie for school next yr and one for quinn. i LOVE the cart, its on wheels so i can put my teacher planners on it and just wheel it to the next kid!  no more books piling on my desk!  nate put both of our together! 
 joey just sat there and smiled. just happy to be alive
 we had the home school march break party on friday.  it was CRAZY busy. there had to have been over 50 kids, and 4 tables filled with moms.  i told aralee she HAD to we could catch up...i had a great time.  i got my social in, made a new friend and the kids burned off their energy!
 joey found a little car and kept busy with it the whole time
and with that lets start this march break!!!!