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life in a nut shell

 i busted out laughing when joey decided to give her baby some of my coffee....i totally feel like this most days!  love you joey, you are a hoot!  love the snot running out your nose, and food on your face.  haha
baby is having coffee!
 the week has been spent like this.  poor ellie, she picked up some kind of viral infection and stopped eating and drinking on tues.  yesterday she got sick enough that she had to spent 5.5 hrs in the emergency.  shes dehydrated and became lethargic.  its so odd and off to not have my happy ellie bouncing around the house asking to go out some where.  instead of all the activities i had planned for the girls this week, we spent it in the house, with ellie sleeping...joey totally ate up the one on one time with me! 
 i tried to bribe her with a tims smoothy yesterday but she gave it to joey
 and joey was happy about that.  get your finger out of your nose joey!
 and asleep, with her fruit chew in her hand, she ate 2 bites of it, then fell asleep.  joey found her like this, and took the fruit chew from her hands and ATE it. ha
 poor little girl
i have to admit, i was a but upset yesterday, ellie was not herself and i missed my little ray of sunshine dancing around the house
 i found joey like this. i asked whatcha doing little joe?
she says "babies go poop on the potty"
 shes getting into this whole potty thing.  she goes into underwear on MONDAY! 
 i found joey like this.  she was copying what she sees ellie and i doing. all too soon little one, you will be learning how to read
 this morning while ellie slept, joey and i had a quiet eats over the paper. i found joey like this. little me much? AND it was a micheals flyer. ha
 oh my!
 then we did some coloring
 while ellie slept
 and joey played with the cart and her most precious toys.  her babies, her plates, her shopkins and dinosaurs.....joey LOVES dinosaurs!
 with her little feet sticking out
and with that. its FRIDAY!  im stocked, im going out tonight with a friend for a MUCH over due chat and catch up, im ready for school and potty training to start on monday!  and with that we enter a new just glad im not going through these seasons alone!