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the wkend

 saturday i took ellie out to spend time with her. she was needing some one on one with mama.  we had so much fun. as we finished up our fun day she grabbed my hand and walked to the car and i said "you know ellie, you are FUN to be around" she looked up and me and said "i know" hahaha

sunday, i took the older 2 kids to church. chris stayed home with joey. we are not 100% confident in her potty progress, so to be safe we just kept her home on sunday...but before we left i snapped these of ellie. she is so fun to dress up and cute to boot
ellie joy
 sunday afternoon, we took the kids on a 3 HOUR drive. to see the country, and get outside. its still quite cold and yucky around here.  we put down a plastic sheet for joey just in case BUT she stayed dry the whole time and even peed on the side of the road when she had to go
 my crew
 we found an old bridge, and took some time to explore it
 even thou its still winter, its nice to get out side and do it as a family
 see! chris came! 
 little joe
 at the end of the bridge
 every morning ellie checks her flowers and voila!  monday morning there was visual sprouts!
 even thou there is no light, the flowers are growing
we had a good weekend. prob one of the better weekends, we hung out, spent time together and enjoyed each other's company

and we start a new week.....

and much to our dismay!  joey has had 1 accident since fri.  she forgot about the potty while she was busy playing in the was an easy clean up.  im still pinching myself at how easy it was...


mom said...

The second and third posting, I thought for sure at first glance was Charlie. nice how family comes through the generations in looks, features.