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this week. minus potty training!

 in between potty training, i tried to live a normal life...nate played games with his sisters
could i GET a better, big brother?
no. i think NOT
-ellie funny. as i tucked her into one night this week, i told her that she would be getting a new room with joey soon...she cried "NO!  i have to have a room with my big brother nathaniel!"
sob, sob

so on thurs, in between potty stuff. haha
i showed ellie how t plant seeds. i let her plant her own seeds and we will see what happens. i think we ALL want spring at this point!
 then we made some easter crafts
 joey! (dont you pee on mt chair! hahaha)
 then i made a game out of putting their art on the door. the girls spent a good 30 mins making eggs and bunnies) to then hang them on the door. one. at. a. time. hahaha (burn off that energy!)
joey was so into this...i took her pants, for easier (is that even possible??? potty training?)

 ellie on the chair
 pant less joey a coming!
 both of them
 joey, pant less. adorable
nate chose to play video games. haha
 thurs, while staying in the house, i decided to COOK
i made 2 AWESOME meals. 1- pepper filled and
 2- pasta that "papa made, just with tomato and mushroom"  the kids ate ALL of it
and as nate said "for someone who hates to cook, you are REALLY good at it"
and i WAS!

 thurs afternoon was filled with in house play...aka potty training
the girls kept busy in the front room playing " doctor puppy nurse"
see MY yellow cart? it was filled with their "supplies" that they would use to "feed" the sick...this time it was joey's turn with me yelling in the back ground "DON'T YOU DARE PEE ON MY COUCH"
she didn't
and ellie nursed joey to health
 close up of MY (that ive yet to use as MINE yet.hahaha) and the food
 poor ellie
she's sick
 joey (pant-less, for easier potty training. haha) making ellie's food
 then we went back to MORE crafts
ellie had me write all the names that came to her, they were....jesus, ellie, papa, nana, nate, mom, dad, shawn, joey, nate etc.....but when the girls randomly put them on the door. jesus some how ended up in the center.
 this week during our "pioneer"  study. which i admit. i LOVE, i really enjoy this time period and i want to get nate a board the 1850-1920's time period. ha....we did a mini project on what the "tinker" did.  while i was bathing the girls, nate got busy making an art project. on his own. i was so very pleased. nate did a GREAT job!
 after nap on friday, we had some sister fun
joey was NOT happy
ellie was
 tippy toes! while big, bro finished his school
 then ellie made some art
and showed us her creation
 my 3 blessings
after a HARD week
i can say. thank you jesus, i truly am blessed
 sister pony tails
and that wraps up a week!
a crazy week
but through it all he's there