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kid funnies

ok, the kids are forever saying the funniest things but i just dont write them going to try and record the last weeks funnies for my own personal log

-i was having a conversation with nate and he says "i think its cool that jesus was talking to his prophet guys....."
bawahhhhh we now tease him with a lot of "hey nate, go get your prophet guys!"

joey can often be found singing. not quite clear but we get the point....yesterday on the way home (singing in the car is her favorite) she sang her heart out "jesus loves me this i know, for the bible telle me so, yes jesus loves JOEY! yes jesus loves JOEY! yes jesus loves JOEY the bible tells me so

which sound like this

"wesss jesussssss loves DOEY! he love listening to her sing away

ellie was arguing with me the other day and i said "ellie it can go the eay way or the hard way, which way do you want?"

she says "wait. whats the easy way? whats the hard way?"

i said "the easy was is doing what i said with out a spank, the hard way is doing what i say with a spank"

she says"well in that case, ill take the easy way and a piece of chocolate" hahaha

ellie's our grace prayer.  yesterday for lunch she prays "thank you jesus for you. thank you for the day and we are going to the library and when we get home i will have supper then i will have a Popsicle thank you for my Popsicle amen" hahaha

joey had a poop so i told her to come with me so i can change her bum.  she walks up the stairs, into her room, hops up on the stool, climbs onto the change table, flips over on to her back and says "tada!"  yep. its time to change you!

silly little things.  joey LOVES socks and her feet must be covered.  ellie HATES socks and will only wear them in boots. nate lost alll his socks. hahaha

the kids are so different, unique and figuring them out, watching them change is hard work! 

with that, the kids are driving me nuts, gotta go!