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camp part 2!

 the wood stove was the high light to the visit. we loved sitting by it. so relaxing...the following are random pics of the cabin

 the couch divided the lower level sitting room from the bedroom
stairs going to the loft
 right side of the loft. ellie slept here
 right side of the loft nate slept here. joey's pack and play was set up in the middle
 looking down from the top of the loft at the lower left side
 right side with the kitchen
 back bedroom and bathroom, the bathroom was huge
 amazing stove
 driveway in and out of the cabin
 front of the cabin, the screened in area was added on a few yrs ago
 nate playing in the snow
 front fire pit...hope to come back and use it this summer
 nate enjoyed the snow and the river behind and in front of the cabin
 the camp with chris locking up. haha
 my country boy
 inside the screened in area
 love it

nate took off this morning to play in the river before we had to leave. he really liked being outside

we had a GREAT time.  i think i might had almost convinced chris to look at property to buy to one day build our own cabin...i loved getting away!

and now to unpack, laundry, clean ans plan for our march break at home!  im SO excited to NOT do school for a WEEK!!!!!  YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  i have a stack of books i want to read!  lets see how many i can finish in a week. haha