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hali part 1!

 so, cry, shawn, quinn and charlie planned a trip to boston for their march break which is this week.  out of the GREATNESS of shawns heart (haha) he invited nate to join them.  i thought it would be fun to make a game out of asking nate if he wants to go. so i wrote out 1 word on a pc of paper making the sentence " do you want to go on a shopping trip with s,c,q and c?"  they took the papers into papa and nana's room to figure out the question

nate clued in and came out running yelling YES!  then we told him they are going to the great wolf lodge! 
 charlie got cut out of the pic but she was super thrilled!
 twinning. the super funny thing is that the boys wore the SAME shirt on friday NOT knowing what the other was wearing!
 problem solved!
 fri night the kids put on a show for me and crystal. it was actually quite cute
 ellie had a solo and lines
 joey ran around with her sooky and glasses on her head having a great time
 ellie found uncle shawns lego stash and made herself at home in his office
 she loves playing with lego
 saturday we were able to catch charlies last hockey game of the season. ellie enjoyed watching her play
 nothing like a tutu at a hockey game
 our little hockey player (ok, the tallest on her team) going to get her medal
 go charlie! so PROUD of you
 after the game she came out with pizza and her medal.  joey stayed home to nap with papa
 i found ellie like this.  typical ellie
 tutu, clifford and a party hat
 saturday night mom and dad watched the kids while cry and i went out to eat. alone. no kids. no hubbys.  the first time since our cruise in november...thanks SO much, it was so nice!

sunday we headed out to church.  the girls were chilling before we left
 like really chilling. love shawn in the back ground. ellie was quite at home...hahaha