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chris cam pics part 2

 ellie lining up her tangerine

awhile back chris made ellie go to the shop which was weird bec ellie loves going to the shop. anyways.  chris found her like this. in protest to being out there
 shes very strong willed, like her brother but she's softer and MUCH easier to get her back on track
 this is the life.  spending time in the shop with daddy...pop corn, a book and a recliner
 ellie went to the dentist too.  actually we all went last month...we all had NO CAVITIES! wheeeee  ellie loved the batman sunglases and has asked me to get her a pair
 haha love it
 this is what chris does alone with the kids when im not around
thats a peek into chris's camera.  there were also 1,000,000,000 pictures of metal, the lathe, aluminum and shop play...i skipped right on over those bad boys. hahaha