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march break so far..

 has been super chill and fun!  with us staying home and not going south with the rest of the pack. ha.  i decided to do 1 activity a day with the kids, free or cheap to do. haha.  i didnt want to spend the week entertaining the kids, filling their schedules and leaving me more tired. so i came up with a good outing a day, mornings spent with the kids playing while i did house work.  nap time for joey means screen time for the other 2 for 30 mins...this thrilled nate to have extra screen time. ha even thou its only 30 mins they enjoy it...i get to read...then its outside play for the older 2 until joey gets up...then we go out for what ever...i can not believe that we are at the 1/2 point! this week is FLYING by...yesterday we met up with some home school friends at the library, i was able to chat with was a win win!

monday morning nate wanted to make us all breakfast.  and he did!  he even cleaned it up by himself! 
 i gave the girls a bath the other morning, ellie will play in the tub for HOURS if i let on monday she played for 2 HOURS, joey not so much, she can play 30 mins tops before i hear "mom!  help! me out!"  i put joey in this adorable monkey hoodie and showed her in the mirror her monkey ears and bow. she was quite taken with it
 our little monkey!
 ellie let me put her hair in piggy tails. after i finished i showed her her hair in the mirror and she said "i look like charlie and aunty!"
she does!
 then we headed out.  my back seat is full. haha. 
 yesterday morning was some serious play doh play.  the girls made carrot soup for over an hour. ellie did the cutting
 joey stacked it with her tiny, little hands
im grateful the girls play so well together
 some out side play...look how much joey has grown this yr!  ellie got her dressed with her boots, gloves and sweater
 sigh.  growing too fast
 the  few pics i snapped before every one got there and i was too busy talking to take pics. haha
 puzzles with judah

funny story.  ellie and judah are great friends, they write letters to each other..ha.  mon night i was putting ellie to bed and took her hair down. she said "mom, no dont take my hair down, i want judah to see it and when he does he will say "oh ellie your hair is so pretty" hahaha
 i let the kids play in the fountains and pillars. normally i dont have time, but yesterday i made time. i think they had more fun doing this than anything!
 ohhhh a rocket!
i cant believe the week is 1/2 over.  ive only read 1 book, and im starting my second today.  i did watch shows with chris instead of reading the last 2 nights. ha.  i have done countless loads of laundry, deep cleaned the bathrooms (ewww) pack up out grown clothes, and a few other chores ive been meaning to get to

this morning after i mopped the floors nate said "mom, come sit down. you never just sit" haha

happy hump day!