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the last few days

 joey nice and healthy
ellie not so healthy...
but fri morning ellie woke up asking "what are we doing today?" which is a sign that she's back to her self!  but i caught this horrid bug and spent my weekend on the couch. i was so tired, all i wanted to do was sleep...i felt better today! yipee!
 fri night, before i started to feel icky, i went for a walk with my friend. if it wasnt so COLD we would have really enjoyed the walk!  but it was so very cold, so we opted out of the last part of the walk and went to tims....for 3 hours. haha
 sat, joey was starting to not feel good, she was super snugly, having constant cuddles with chris and i. we didnt mind at all
 our little bug
 ellie was all better!
 joey and daddy
 cry, shawn, quinn, charlie dropped nate off sunday.  they brought with them my book order from the states. i was SO thrilled.  i spent so much time looking on line for cheaper books...ha....i found what i wanted but the math could only be shipped to the i waited until my sis went and shipped my order to her hotel...i got so much and STAYED under budget.  these books are for next yr
 i decided to switch from all about spelling, which we love due to the cost. it went up again, so grade 5 would be 95.00, i couldnt find a supplier that would ship to i decided to try this...spelling work out. i think it will work. nate has a great foundation for spelling, thanks to all about spelling, so i think he will like this. i also like that i can combine vocabulary with spelling...saving me another 15.00 and not using wordly wise....ill see how it goes next yr
 i picked these work books up for "busy work" for 4.00 total!
 instead of using growing with grammar, 45.00 canadian, im going to try grammar and punctuation by evan moore, i used it for grade 1 and really liked it.  so i saved 35.00 going this route. i decided to get level 6 bec level 5 seemed to easy for him
 i picked this up for ME! the last of the series. cant wait to read it!
 i also got these for 6.00!  im thinking ill screen them this summer as a possible read for grade 6
 science is....anatomy! this looks AWESOME. i think we might start this yr simply because it looks really interesting...and nate agrees. ha
 this is the biggy.  LOVE math u see...i got a quite for nate and ellies books with OUT the fraction over lays (i scored them used for 10, 2 yrs ago. they are 75.00 new!)  for 197.00!!!! i was like wow, thats a lot!  so i looked and looked and was able to send them to the hotel for 100 canadian!!!  the books are not coiled, so im not sure how that will work and my teacher book is hard covered....which im not sure about....but saving 100 its worth it!
 ellie's kindergarten math book!
 we also got nate and ellie's letter. thank you so much muetti.  ellie was very happy to see books!  i had chris put them away for safe keeping. ha
 joey was happy too. but then she's always happy
 i was on the couch, and the kids kept giving me pillows and blankets to help me feel better...nothing like a pillow to the head to help you feel better. haha
 ellie and i
 trying to get the girls in the pic...they were snuggling me to help me feel better
 joey went and got 5 plates, then filled them with food for everyone in our cute to watch
 nate is back! the family is together. nate had such an amazing time away. he had so many stories and memories. from the water park, to going to the "diary of a wimpy kid's creator" to the food, candy and even shopping.  he really had a blast...but all was well when he hopped into my bed sunday night to watch a movie with me (pete's dragon)

SO glad to have you back buddy, we missed you!
 ellie taught joey how to play zoomino's.  they play so well together and yes, we wear p.j's a lot during the day...haha
 so joey came down with the bug on monday.  poor baby joey
 ohhh to bad i have to spend all these hours cuddling joey on the couch....poor me. ha
we are slowly getting healthy again, adjusting to our 2 week spring break and looking ahead to the things to come...

oh and i happen to catch the new anne of green gables on cbc last night, it aired sunday but pvr'd it and watched it last night....

oh my word!!! i LOVED it, i think i liked it better than the original. with the flashbacks it really brings more depth to anne's character. i cant wait for the next one! its a really great show!