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last week!

 i cant believe its been a week since i last blogged.  i didnt take many pics, i guess i was busy doing reg old  mommy things. ha.  little joe is doing awesome in her potty training, one accident all week, and it was our fault, we went on a long drive and forgot to stop around the 1.5 hr mark to ask biggie, she finished her pee on the side of the road. ha.  other than that, she's got this potty business. so glad that stage is DONE!

tues morning chris woke me up and said that nate was being difficult and rude.  i like getting the heads up before i go down.  so when i did make it down with joey.  dad had this ready for us.  nate felt bad for being rude to chris so he made breaky for everyone.  AND he made exactly what the person wants. even thou it was 4 separate orders

for me he had my paper out and ready. with my coffee
 joey had pancakes, with syrup and a fork. she insists on eating with a fork. and her apple juice
 ellie had cereal with milk and juice
 nate made him self a sandwich, chicken and lettuce and a tall glass of juice. it was the best way to start the morning and talk to the kids about making right choices AND being appreciative for when someone goes out of their was to do something nice

i was super proud of my boy
 we hit up the library for the after school program. my kids how ever chose to play together and ignore all the other kids. so much for that socialization. hahaha
 joey made a lot of calls to papa last week. and bot did she tell you everything. did you get her calls?  here she is walking around talking
 "papa!  im here, do you hear me? PAPAPAPA!"
 she even did some jumps and spins
 ellie practiced reading her words. ummm yeah, pointing to the words and sounding them out
 and showing me
 poor little giraffe. while bathing the girls last friday i found this poor fella in the tub and thought "man, does he ever look darker than he was" must be mold. so i took him down stairs and had nate cup him up for an instant science project
 check out the black mold!
 poor guy. he had to go
 this is very serious. ha
 fri night nate went out on a movie date with some friends, he came home to happy.  because it was so late, i sent him to bed but took him out for break, just him and i so he could tell me all about him night.  he talked the whole time. ha
 yesterday we went and visited friends of ours cabin.  they bought a large parcel of land a few yrs back out in Salisbury, the idea was to build a cabin in the back woods close to the river, then build their dream house.  the cabin was build 2 yrs ago and this spring they will build the house.  so we went out to look at the cabin. which i forgot to take pics of. but it was adorable
 the kids had fun. the couple have 3 kids themselves, the 2 older girls are teen but their son is nates age. the boys hit if off and spent the afternoon in the woods, shooting arrows.  we took the crew for a walk along the river
 i was too busy talking with robyn to take pics. its nice to catch up and chat with other moms
while the men took the boys to the river to jump and break up the huge pieces of ice
 ellie ran in the woods. no fear. total tom girl.  the property was so beautiful and i cant wait to see their house!
 little joey watching the men jump on the ice. chris took her down for a bit
 checking the river and ice out
 this morning, the girls wanted to wait for the sun.  good luck on that. they are calling for more snow on wed....they want do i!
 my little girls
 they came in to warm up
 joey put on ellies boots, by herself and was quite pleased to go back out and join her siblings
 under the blanket this time
 my little crew
we had a house guest arrive thurday afternoon and he left this morning. the kids always like having visitors stay and a break up in their routine. haha 

and as i threw my load if laundry in the washing machine this am i thought "great way to start another week" haha

ill try to remember to blog more this week and keep up with taking pics! 

happy monday everyone!