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hali part 1!

 chris and my crew arrived (or is it descended upon?)  my sisters place fri around supper time for easter.  shawn was working all weekend so he missed out on all the fun. hahaha

fri night nate and i gave quinn and charlie a puzzle to compete...the plan was to have the puzzle tell quinn and charlie the plans for nate to join them on their disney quest in august.  cry and her crew are going to florida late aug/early sept and asked if nate would like to join them.  nate was THRILLED. we also explained that this would be nate's birthday/easter/and any other "gift buying holiday" present...he was ok with that. so. we came up with this creative idea to make (me ha) a puzzle with the saying "quess who's going in august" and in the corner "kevin is" nate went and made up a name tag with kevin on it....get it hahaa
 once the puzzle was put together quinn not only found out that kevin/nate is going but that HE is going. hahahaha quinn didnt know about the trip.  SURPRISE
 quinn was speechless
 and the group had to explain and reexplain the plan to him a few times. hahaha
 but the kids were ALL thrilled. even ellie who's not going
 joey was in on the surprise too
and now its just chris, myself and the girls NOT going in august. nate has a lot of jobs and bottles to collect until the trip comes!