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part 3!

 the kids spent a huge chunk of time in the woods playing. they had to show us some of their handy work.  i spent my afternoon on the swing drinking coffee and talking to my sis...the kids took us on a walk in the woods before supper
 this is mattaal's house (a neighbor kid) the kids were SO creative with their play.
 this is Main street: they names the paths, so funny to see the signs
 and shawn made sure its safe out the tree is a emerg kit! bawahhhhh
 on our way to charlie's garden, her house, her subdivision and property. haha
 there's her garden
 and her house
 and another walkway to the back village
 haha selfie
 crossing the river on our way to the zip line
so funny to watch

then we had our easter dinner on saturday. ha SOOOO good
 joey is now sitting at the big girl table!
 quinn was in charge of dinner. he did a smash up job. i was to proud of him. the cross was the main decoration
and i saw a sneak peek at the "program" created by quinn
 please note this.  nate sitting ALONE at the table, eating his dinner bec he couldnt wait any longer for the turkey leg. hahaha
 he enjoyed his meal
 after dinner, quinn lead us into our easter service
 after dinner we had treat bags
 host with the most
chris then passed up on going on a ride along with shawn, which turned into a CRAZY shift, chris would have seen so much if he went!!! and volunteered to stay home with ALL the kids, and put them ALL to bed so my sis and i could go out alone.  which we did and i was truly appreciative!