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 fri after chris finished work, we took the kids up to jason's cabin.  Jason needed some work done, so chris bartered his time for the cabin for the weekend.  we stayed 2 nights. and it was really nice to get out of the city.  the kids had a blast...even thou its a lot of work to load up the van, set up, tear down and put it all away...

sat morning was so relaxing.  chris did some science with the kids kids while i enjoyed my coffee in this cute cup in front of the fire place
 the girls played puppies
 love that they play so well together
then around 10 joey had enough!  she asked for her sooky and chris told her she could only have it if she took a nap. she then took the sooky, grabbed her blanket, walked up the stairs and put herself to bed. for 2.5 HOURS! while we were loud, chris was hammering, the other 2 kids were yelling and playing...joey slept through the whole thing...but the kids were up late fri night
 joey and nate watched dad fix the front door
 joey was so into the whole scene
 then she came in and helped daddy
 such a great helper.  chris couldn't finish the job with out her. haha
 after the work was done, we took the kids for a drive along the fundy coast
 we did fundy park, found a huge park and let the kids go nuts
 i froze, it was cold and windy
 along our drive we saw this sign. i cracked up.  love where they put the his FOREHEAD!
 we found a few beaches, and stopped at this one. i think this was the high light of the day for us. it was so fun. if it was nicer and we saw the sun i would have stayed for a long time
 nate went to the ocean
 joey too!
 ellie was dancing on the rocks
 it was so nice to hear the water and birds again
 and joey was quite taken with the water covering her boots
 we then hit up cape enrage
 such a grand view
 the kids jumped off this plat form.  joey just ran and jumped, totally trusting that chris would catch her.  nate had to jump too. haha
 the last time we were here i was preggers with ellie...5 YEARS ago!
 and now we are back with 2 more kids
 joey's turn
" great job daddy" is what ellie was saying
 and ready for more jumping
 ellies turn!
 my family
 me and my kids
 and on the way home ellie was just "resting her eyes" as she told us while joey sang
 we hit up smittys again for supper. we all ate for 28.00!!!  AGAIN and the portions were HUGE
 joey and ellie
 silly ellie
 nate and his much needed hair cut
 ellie and her silly pose
 look at the SIZE of this burger!!!  each hamburger was at least 1" thick!!!  it was REDIC how large the food serving were.  and yet, we ate it all...haha
 the kids sun morning, getting ready to leave
 silly girls
 shawn loaned me this book about a month ago to read, so to fun, not thinking id read this wkend, i threw it into my bag.  i started reading it sat morning and finished it sat night!  the book was nothing like i thought it would be. it was so very good.  it opened my eyes in a new way, it got me thinking, and rethinking and googling things when i came back.  i highly recommend this book to ANY and everyone who believes in jesus...not mattering it you are baptist, mennonite, pentecostal or catholic. this book is for anyone who believes in jesus...i highly recommended this book!
and with that, as my laundry is washing (thank jesus for washing machines) and my to do list ready to be made for this looks like its gonna be a busy week!

happy sunday! 


mom said...

Great blog mel. See you on Sat.