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another week!

 monday after her bath, joey insisted that she "dress herself" and she did. the whole outfit, by herself. every item was put on backwards, underwear inside out BUT she did it by herself!

i found these 2 outside playing.  i had to laugh, joey was very comfortable and gangsta looking with her outfit, nate was happy to push her
 and eating her snack! ha
 we hit up a few parks this week. the girls played and got dirty. nate's growing out of the park so he will bring a book, a school assignment or talk to me while the girls play
 jumping joey!
 pouty joey. ha
 i ordered some educational toys in jan, they arrived this week! so fun!  nate was into the wooden version on tetras
 he solved it a few times
 but im glad i took a pic of what is should look like, other wise i'd be lost. haha
 mini me much!
 she was wearing nate's watch
 chris took on a science project. it turned out really cool. some how chris and i were outside making the project while all the kids, plus 2 friends were in the house. haha
 i think its a mock up of the atmosphere....or something like that
 i found these on my phone
 so much work
but so worth it
i love them all
 me. at the park. on a COLD day. with whiny kids. NOT fun.  haha
 more playing
 more dirty, jumping, skipping, hopping and fun
and i cant believe we are almost through APRIL.  TIME SLOW DOWN.  i feel like i cant get a head, im just trying to maintain.  summer vacation sounds divine right about now! ha

happy easter everyone!