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 mon or was it tues??? i took the kids out for an afternoon walk around the block.  nate dug his bike out. look how much he grew in a yr!  its way to small!  ellie wanted to walk/run in the snow, over the snow, in the puddles and all around and joey chose to ride....we did start out with her walking but i ran back to get the stroller...we were out for 2 HOURS!  and we totally ditched school to do this!
 we hit up the back yard for some play. nate went back in to finish his school and i stayed in the back yard with the girls. enjoying the sun
 and watching the girls play together
 see. i was there. but i went back inside when the school kids got home. haha
 the girls were "balancing"
 joey had a bit of a bug this week, she spent a lot of time on the couch. which she was happy with. i didnt mind the snuggles.
 adorable joey.  she had 1 accident this week and it was in front of the toilet, she couldn't get her pants off in time. haha
 daddy and joey and puppy cuddles
 then she saw me
 the girls were playing in the front room, i snapped this pic and ellie said "JOEY! you are suppose to be SLEEPING!" hahaha typical serious ellie and happy, happy joey
 our little ninja
 elmo ninja!
 the kids LOVE to look at old blog pics. im glad ive kept the blog going this long, the kids all like to look back at the pics and i totally think if i didnt have the blog, i would NOT remember the last 5 yrs. its all been a HUGE blur!
 wed afternoon we all joined up with the local home school group for a "sports afternoon" money TOTALLY well spent!  we rented the sports dome for 2 hours. the older kids played organized sports ( soccer, tag, tag foot ball and a few games) while the littles played open ball games and enjoyed the HUGE bouncy castles.  joey loved the soccer balls and came and got me twice to pee!  she stayed dry the whole time!  ellie was a natural with the soccer ball, the guy who ran the program told me she was a natural and im thinking maybe i should look into soccer for her this yr... i wasnt able to be as social because i was on the field with my girls and not in the mom lounge but i was able to catch up with an old friend and meet a few new home it was nice to get out
 joey followed ellie and did this HUGE climb by herself!  see her go
 almost at the top!
 i stopped taking pis to go catch her off the slide. ha

joey with her soccer ball
 little joe
 this am, while trying to some what enjoy my coffee and newspaper with 3 kids yelling MOM!  joey was totally taken with the toys r us flyer
 "look mom!"
 this am NATE! lead a science project with the girls. he did the whole thing my himself!  to be honest, i was too busy with my own chores to plan an activity so nate came up with this AND cleaned it up himself!
and i can not believe that another week is almost done, my days have NEVER been so busy, so full, so fun and oh, so ever tiring....

but i remind myself, that god answered my prayers and gave me what i desire.  i have the best son.  and 2 amazing girls and a hubby that keeps me grounded and drives me ever so CRAZY at the same time. haha

im thankful for a messy house and an amazing bed. haha

happy thursday!


wk-eigenheer said...

thanks foryour blog . Can't wait to see you all. love Muetti

mel said...

we are looking forward to visiting with you guys!