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nana! papa!

 wednesday the kids were surprised by their other nana and papa with a visit.  i cant believe i kept it a secret, i almost blabbed it 100 times that day...anyways....nate's reaction was priceless

and the girls!
 ellie had to show off her latest bruise/cut/scab
 joey was very pleased with the visit. she smiled even more than normal
 ellie was happy too
 mom and dad took ellie with them to run errands, so i had 1 on 1 school with nate. we can cover school MUCH faster with out little ellie around. haha.  joey was thrilled to spend time with big brother nate
 more happy joey
 and more smiles
life is just happy for her
 fri was chris's birthday. we had a bbq, and the kids helped with the candles on the cake
 nate carried it to dad and we sang the birthday song
 joey was delighted to see the cake
 see.  simply delighted
 my little crew
mom and dad left today, and i spent the remainder of the day cleaning, more laundry,  more cleaning another bbq, lots of outside play because it was SO nice out!  the birds are chirping, the grass is greening, and the kids are playing.  spring is here!