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the girls!

 i caught ellie playing at my desk  i let her get off by looking cute
 i dressed the girls yesterday for shawn.  get it? bawahhhh i thought it was so funny.  joey is the deer, ellie is the forest. hahahaha
 so its been raining for 40 days...ok 3. but man a live it feels like 40. i cant imagine how mrs noah kept the kids busy on the arc! haha  we spent time painting, reading, school and i manage to do more laundry...its a running joke with my family about the massive amounts of laundry im forever doing! 
 "nate are you doing your school reading?"
 "no" haha
he was suppose to be reading moby dick but i busted him reading his new book instead
 "joey!  are you eating cheesies?"
 "yes!" and this would be a reason for the laundry.  she is the messiest little thing.  the girls had a bath yesterday morning at 8:30. why? joey dumped the bowl of oat meal on her face and hair
but they are cute. so ill keep them. haha