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rain, rain GO AWAY!

 we had 5 days of rain in a row last week!  5!!!  i did y best to keep busy with the kids, i cleaned and purged ( 3 bags and a box to the good will) we visited the library, costco, daddy and a few other things i cant remember...haha  when the rain sorta stopped the other morning ellie ran out with joey to "make elmo pee"  they have GREAT fun with the water running off elmo, ha
 i was impressed that ellie got joey dressed, boots, hats and mitts for the occasion while i made breakfast.  love the home school p.j's haha

joey was missing a glove! 
 i was reviewing the words that ellie can read and made a wall just for her.  since the pic was taken we've added 6 or so more words. not to bad for a 4 yr old!
 hummmmm who has my camera?
 i had to laugh when i looked in my review window and saw this.  my girlies!
 today was the first day since MONDAY! that the sun came out long enough to play outside!  note my car, yes, i put her there on purpose so the girls can play in the driveway...oh look ellie on your "paw patrol" scooter. what do you have?
 oh a cute face!
 and WORMS! hahahaha she spent the morning putting worms on her scooter and driving them around.
 then i found this artist in the school room, drawing "worms"
 while joey napped and i did school with nate, ellie scooted. she came up to visit looking like this
 and told me she was tired. haha
 so, today, while i did some more cleaning i came upon this happening.  ellie made herself a garden.  with MY plants.  i took a pic, but i was so upset that she killed 2 of my tulips and destroyed a plant.  i decided to walk away after i took the picture, cool down and then talk to her about asking BEFORE she helps herself to my stuff...
and that wrapped up another week!  how was yours?