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part 5!

 after times square we did more walking...and found this.  love forest gump! and we then found the next item on my bucket list.

 carlo's bakery for a cupcake!
 we watched the workers work their magic
 and drooled over the food
 and took our cupcake, found a spot to sit and ENJOYED. i LOVED the presentation packaging
 the icing was amazing. the best ive ever had. 
 see! SO very good
 then we hit the streets for more sights
 and along the way i bought and apple. to eat in the big apple. get it. i thought it was funny. hahahah
 we then visited the empire state building
 the new york public library
 it was HUGE
 we did some more walking and hit back up grand station. we had decided that we wanted to be back on the train by dark...
 outside the station
 inside. the place was massive
 then we went to check the last item off my list. find real pizza in new york. and we did...this bad boy. it was AMAZING
 we sat and ate it on the way home.  and check out my new sneakers. SO comfy. i wore them the next day too!
 we dont want to leave new york
 but thats ok, we will be back
 i took this with out knowing.  i thought it was funny when i founded it on my phone
 so we spent thurs, fri and sun shopping. sat was new york. and yes, we shopped for 3 days! SO very FUN!

i found my favorite ice cream, sat and enjoyed it
 sun night we loaded up the car. it was full, haha
 then i sorted my receipts, had a mini heart attack at the total!  for real!
 mon morning we hit the road to come home. prepared with snacks
 i dont want to come home
 really, we dont
but we did.  i came home to 3 happy kids and one amazing hubby. and im so very thankful for the break and time away. it was sheer HEAVEN to not hear "mom" every 2 seconds. it was AMAZING to not cook or clean.  it was wonderful to have uninterrupted conversation. the trip went by way too fast, i totally treated myself and came home ready to finish the school year

thank you chris for supporting me and giving me the freedom to enjoy myself. i really did!

and back to life i go....lalalala