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part 4

 we then went to times square.  it was everything i thought it would be and more.  i cant describe the smell, the sounds, the vibe of time square or new york really, it was loud a true sensory over load.  the city was surprisingly clean with police on almost every street
 broadway and times square. next time i want to see a play!
 people watching in times square with my sis
 i looked behind me and saw this. hahaha
 us again
 there was a group of ppl singing and witnessing for jesus. they tried to get us saved a few times but we told them that jesus was already in our hearts and our homie ha
 they were very enthusiastic
 in times square outside the DISNEY store!
 more times square
 disney store!
 leaving times square. sob, sob
 us again
 so, the shoes i wore, flip flops were in rough shape and my feet were hurting, so i found these bad boys to help with the walking. they were cheap 10.00 and they acted it. they lasted an hr before a blister started and my feet swelled too much to wear them...but no worries i found another store that had a 50% off sale going on and scored an AMAZING pair of shoes for the rest of the day! 
lesson learned.  dont wear flip flops and dont waste your money on cheap shoes