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part 2

 after walking a few blocks we found this bad boy! trump tower! this was the high light of my day!!!
 armed guards outside
who took their job SO seriously
 then inside. it was gorgeous . rich. glitzy. glamorous.  but ill admit, i found it to be a bit dated...looking late 80's early 90's
 we took the escalators  to the top. the roof side terrace/garden was closed for reno's but it was still neat to see the building
 there was a roof to floor water fountain, it was super cool
 yep.  trump tower baby
 this is the pic i emailed to chris.  we did NOT tell the men we were going. chris was shocked to see this. hahaha
 check off the bucket list
 i went to trump tower
 as close as i could get to the armed guards...shawn, i totally respected what you told me 9 yrs ago "respect the space around a cop" and i did. see!