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 chris and nate spent the day at an auction while i hung with the girls. we played outside, rode skooters and i took them to the park
 joey found pine cones and put them in her pocket...and showed me. ha
 my baby!
 when the boys got home, we packed the van and went to our friend's cabin for the night.  it was a shorter visit but SO enjoyable.  i LOVE being surrounded by trees, i feel free to let the kids be as loud as they want, to run and play and get dirty.  the sound of the wind in the trees and the river running.  loved our visit
 as we pulled into the cabin beside our friends (its for sale and i wanted to see the property) we or rather i spotted this guy!  he was in the middle of a feed and was quite calm and just watched us watch him!
 we opened the van door and were able to see him better. this dude was so calm and peaceful. ellie named him "reindeer"
 joey. after 5 mins.  dirty?  no not this girl. haha.  she ruined her pants somehow. oh well, they were older than dirt and a size 24 months...she will be 3 in july but is still quite petite
 happy about getting dirty
 we were able to spent a lot of time i the screened in gazebo. 
 and another first, my neighbor gave me a blow up mattress and sleeping bag on friday. we used on sat.  love the concept but it was flat by morning.  joey slept on the floor in the loft in it all night. my kids are growing up so fast!
and that was s peek  into our weekend. how was yours?


mom said...

Love that dirty face, wonder where that came from.????