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mother's day!

 for mother's day, a day i dont put much stock on. why? because i want to be cherished EVERY day not just once a yr.  we had a reg old day.  we got back from the cabin, i did go grocery shopping ALONE! which was DIVINE.  who would have thought that picking produce with out "MOM!" was such delight?! i came home, cleaned the house. chris and i tacked some jobs around the house.  i finally cleared out and purged the garage.  another bag to drop off at sally ann!  chris and joey tokk down the baby gates!   our house is returning to normal, the baby stuff is almost gone.  i cant believe how much more open the door way is!  and its gone, gone, i need to mud (or is it mudd?)  and sand/paint the holes. ill add that to my "to do" list
 this is just a TINY peek into why i do so much laundry.  joey enjoying her ssnack
 all the way to her pants she enjoyed this.  i wiped her off,  hoping to prevent a bath...
 then she mad supper and with ketchup and mustard all over her i gave up and tossed her in the tub.  she went through 3 out fits yesterday
 and guess what??? MORE rain this week!  starting today, they are calling for 4 more days of RAIN!
im going to tackle my to do list and pull the rainy day stash of toys so far we've played playdoh
 played bakery
 and made soup
 then did some puzzles and books were read
and the wooden dolls came out....its not even 10 am, so im sure ill add a lot more activities to this day of rain....sigh

you know what? days like this i wish my neighbors were home. im the only stay home mom on the street, but i would love a interruption for coffee/tea...i remember living in saskatoon and id join my elderly neighbor for afternoon tea. this was way before i had kids, but enjoyable nonetheless

happy rainy monday!